Tips to Follow when Looking to Hire a Prom Limo


Prom is one of the most awaited for moments for high school kids. It is important for teens to have a perfect prom. Hiring a limo is a good idea because you can take your friends with you. You get to share the cost of hiring the limo such as Grad Limo Calgary with your friends making it cost effective. There are many rentals that you could choose from. It is crucial to know things to consider when hiring a limo. Listed below are some of the things you should consider.

Find out how many of your friends will be coming with you in the limo or Calgary Party Bus. This will help in the planning of where to pick them and enable you to save time. Discuss with your friends on the kind of limo you want to hire. Shop around in limo rentals checking if your choice is available and if it is affordable. If there is no preferred type, you can check for the available limos and choose the one that fits your budget. Make sure that you book the limo way before the prom. Let the company know how many hours you will need the limo.

Check if the company has any special offers before booking a limo. There are some companies who offer packages with extra time and red carpet which costs more. Ask if there are any discount being offered. Sometimes companies do not include this information on their website. There are companies that will require you to pay a deposit when booking a limo. If you are asked to pay a deposit, find out the amount they need and if it is refundable if you cancel. To minimize risk in case of an accident ensure that the driver has a chauffer’s license. You can also request to see the company’s insurance policy cover.

In case you have a list of different companies, evaluate each of them. Compare them and pick the one you feel suits your requirements better. Just because a company is charging little money does not mean that you have to choose it. There are companies that offer quality services but charge a little more. Thus, do not choose a company purely based on price. Ensure that you check the condition of the vehicle by visiting the rental company. If possible as for a ride just to have a feel. This ensures that you pick a limo that is in great shape. It is key for you and the company to have a written and signed agreement.


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